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Ford Moondust Silver (6)

High quality Ford Moondust Silver (6) paint available in a range of finishes including Merlin Basecoat, Dalcoat Basecoat, Cellulose Colours. Choose your finish and size below. This paint may also be known as Moondust Silver



Finish options

Cellulose Colours
Superb quality cellulose paint for use in automotive and commercial applications. Available in gloss, satin and matt finishes for a wide range of uses.
Dalcoat Basecoat
Premium quality solvent-based basecoat with excellent coverage it is mixed 1:1 with basecoat thinners. Dalcoat Basecoat is available in solid colour, metallic, pearlescent and special effect basecoats, there are over 100,000 colours within its range, covering car & commercial vehicles, motorcycles, BS & Ral, pantone and many corporate colours.
Merlin Basecoat
High performance solvent basecoat paint available in solid, metallic & pearl effect colours. This product combines outstanding colour matching and excellent coverage whilst remaining one of the finest basecoat paints you can buy.

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